Cannot interact with barn sign

Discussion in 'Support' started by curlygirl92, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. curlygirl92

    curlygirl92 New Member

    I'm pretty early in the game and just got the barn sign from the mayor. I go to place it and no matter where I put it I can't interact with it. I can't see the requirements to build the barn or anything.

    I already had to restart the game once because the cycle turned from day to night while I was in the middle of the cat food tutorial and the farm fan disappeared never to be seen again on that file.
  2. bartwe

    bartwe Administrator Staff Member Staxel Developer

    The barn totem has changed a bit, it is no longer a sign but more of a block, the mayor gives it as part of the tutorial, you can interact with it by right clicking.

    Farmfan went to the inn's upper floor.
  3. curlygirl92

    curlygirl92 New Member

    I tried right and left clicking and every other thing I could think of and it didn't work, and I checked the inn and she wasn't there

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