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Discussion in 'Community Creations & Fan Art' started by Kristallflamme, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. Hello everyone - new here and work on a skribble
    Rosemary <3
    Hope you like it - will be colored soon
  2. SteampunkStein

    SteampunkStein Administrator Staff Member Staxel Developer

    Omg Rosemary is my favourite, I want all the fan art XD
  3. I love to do more about her. Such a cutie <3
  4. I finished it :D after 1,5h <3
    Here is a speedpaint if you like to watch :3

  5. DeamonHunter

    DeamonHunter Moderator Staff Member Staxel Developer

  6. [​IMG]
    New skribble for Emilia the baker <3 I build her a white patisserie with a pink roof <3 hope she like it :D So colors will follow very soon
  7. SteampunkStein

    SteampunkStein Administrator Staff Member Staxel Developer

    Yess, That's the first Emilia fan art I think !
  8. Tyrax Lightning

    Tyrax Lightning Active Member

    This looks adorable! & that's sayin somethin comin from me when I think most Elves are Pointy-Eared Smugness Incarnate. :p

    As of the time of this Post, i'm partway through Build of Emilia's House... i'm treating it like my first House Building Practice. I hope she likes Large Stone Brick kinda digs as much as I do. :p

    <----- *Builds like Militaristic Dwarf Warrior most often*
  9. Rockinbunnies9

    Rockinbunnies9 New Member

    I looked in the description of ur rosemary art ( Remember me <3 ) and I saw This! It’s amazing even if it’s not Colored! :3
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  10. Rockinbunnies <3 yeah i know you from YT :) Hello again
  11. Rockinbunnies9

    Rockinbunnies9 New Member

    Hi I can’t wait for the completed drawing! I watched the Rosemary speedpaint a few times because it’s so Cute! I may Not be the best at drawing...But I <3 seeing your art!
  12. I am really angry :( my program for my video editing doesn´t work anymore T_T I want to finish Emilia ._. *sigh*
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  13. Tyrax Lightning

    Tyrax Lightning Active Member

    Update Graphics Drivers lately? Program throwin up some kinda Error Messages? Pesty Little Brother screw with your Computer without your Permission & bugger stuff up? Anything we all could do to help?
  14. I don´t know how this could happen. I think it was an update for graphis. But I will find a way >.<
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  15. Tyrax Lightning

    Tyrax Lightning Active Member

    Ahh, if it was fine before a Graphics Card Update but not fine after, perhaps something in the new Graphics Card Driver Version broke something... perhaps ya can Roll Back to a prior Driver Version to fix the issue. Been forever since i've needed to do so though, so I forget how to...
  16. No problem :3
    I will draw the pic and will make another for a video ^^
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  17. So I am back o-o so much stress in the last weeks.
    If you want, you can post your char and I draw it if I have time :)
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  18. Is no one online anymore :(?
  19. bartwe

    bartwe Administrator Staff Member Staxel Developer

    Forum is pretty idle, the discord is much more active

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