Invisible shipping crates

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by darkhog, Jan 25, 2018.

  1. darkhog

    darkhog Active Member

  2. EGadd

    EGadd Developer Staff Member Staxel Developer

    Thanks for letting us know, it's likely to do with your machine's specs I believe
  3. darkhog

    darkhog Active Member

    Still, not really sure about that as it's sometimes visible or becomes visible after I revisit the chunk with the station (after it unloads and then reloads). But you may be correct. I'd like the dev team to take a look at this anyway to see if there's nothing in the code that may cause such rendering bug (because it's rendering only, if I right click invisible crate, the opening animation plays correctly).
  4. darkhog

    darkhog Active Member

    Looked into this further and it seems to only happen if I've ordered something the day before via the catalogue. If I just sell stuff, it's fine.
  5. crzymom

    crzymom New Member

    I sometimes have that issue of the shipping crate not being there when I order something. But it has also happened when I only shipped stuff. I get the message that I need to open my shipping crate the next day when I try to add something to the shipping bin.

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