Irrigation! And retrievers :)

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    Having to water plants every day is a pain if you want to get out there and explore the world a bit.

    I was thinking not something simple, like plant a sprinkler head and water magically appears, but a more complex system. I was thinking an old-world style system with a water mill built into the pond and irrigation troughs running to your crops; with all parts craftable from the wood and stone you collect, and the wind sails craftable from sheep's wool. This would make an irrigation system possible for only those a bit more advanced in the game; something we have to work for.

    Retrievers. I was playing fetch with Toby near the cow barn and when I clicked on him with the ball he ran to collect cow splat. He doesn't appear to do this with eggs. I thought it would be fantastic to have the pets run to collect all the eggs scattered about... unless the idea is to eventually collect eggs straight from the coop.

    I have spent so many hours on this game in the short time I've had it. It's already pretty awesome, all things considered, and I look forward to all the changes and features you guys implement :)
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