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Discussion in 'Modding' started by Ellie, Sep 3, 2017.

  1. Ellie

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    Because there's hardly anything worse than having 200 sugar cane and having to place them all separately. Like maybe shift+click to place all?
  2. bartwe

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    To dock everything at once ?
  3. Ellie

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  4. MoocowTG

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    Docks already take everything at once on a regular click. Some docks specifically take 1 thing at a time if they're for crafting. What are you trying to dock on?
  5. Ellie

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    I've been docking on nearly everything and I can only dock one at a time: baking, boiling, mixing, chopping, frying, combining, table saw, carpentry, seed maker. For some items, like making sugar, you can dock all 200 sugar cane, one click at a time, then click to boil them one at a time. Same with the table saw, you can dock every piece of raw wood one at a time before you start processing them. When you're processing a large number of one item, like sugar cane, it would be real handy to be able to dock the entire stack at one time. Having to right click 250 times to process 500 raw wood is one thing, but it would be a whole lot easier if I could forgo 499 left clicks to dock the stack. If I want to build my own structures in the game, I need to make a large amount of stuff to afford the blocks. I don't like building in creative; I get bored of games real fast if I'm not playing it to earn the materials I need to build, there's no purpose to a game (imo) if you just get everything you need with no effort.

    Also, I don't know if this is intentional, but when a recipe requires one ingredient (like making sugar) you can dock your entire stack of sugar cane before you start processing, but for recipes that require more than one ingredient you can only process one of each ingredient at a time. So, you have to add one sugar and one berry, process, then add another one sugar and one berry etc. For those of us that like to build stuff in non-creative, it would be less of a grind if we could just dock whole stacks of ingredients and only have to process one at a time.

    Edit: Okay. So I went into the .dock files and changed "dockOneAtATime" : true, to "dockOneAtATime" : false, for ingredient one. It works and I didn't break the game. So... [fixed]? Kinda? Though I wouldn't mind seeing this as part of the actual game with a shift+click option instead of an always option, and maybe the option to dock multiple ingredients and still be able to process :)
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  6. MoocowTG

    MoocowTG Developer Staff Member Staxel Developer

    In the next build or two: We've made more of the docks accept stacks, we'll make shift-click stack 5 on the rest of the one-at-a-time docks, and we'll make right click on an empty craft station re-dock the ingredients of the last craft, if available from inventory.

    In the future we may add specialized automated stations that, for instance, process a stack of sugar automatically over time, but that's under discussion.
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