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Discussion in 'Modding' started by shoucchin, Apr 13, 2018.

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    Right, so I've been messing around with modding staxel, and while I haven't QUITE got the hang of it yet I'm getting there-- hopefully.


    That being said, I wanted to add some new dog breeds to the game (like my boxer Lucy), and wasn't sure how best to implement them seeing as the modding wiki is somewhat incomplete right now and the asset manager isn't the only thing I need to use. My main problem is the animations and bones, as this model is a bit taller than the original dog (by 3 voxels) and I'm not sure how that affects the values. However, I'm also having issues even getting the pet and its house to appear ingame... it just crashes staxel when I run the content builder.

    Should I be creating a new species, or should it be a randomizer on which breed you get, like the farm animals? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Once I figure out how to add one I plan on compiling a mod with popular dog breeds if 1.3 doesn't take care of that (because why not)
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    The best way to figure it out would be to download another pet mod from the workshop and go through the files to make sure you're not missing anything. The Dino pet mod by Milk is a great example on how to do modded pets. If I remember correctly, one of the issues was having a unique pet house but if you just wanted to add it to the pool of possible pets that would be a lot easier.
    The boneanimation files can be difficult to figure out, you may have luck just using the original boneanimation we made for the current ingame pets, even if yours is a different size.
    If you need more advanced modding help we have a #modding channel on our Discord server with some very helpful people in it :)
  3. shoucchin

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    Wow, thanks! Really appreciate the help ;)

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