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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by JesterArke, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. JesterArke

    JesterArke New Member

    I have a number of plants, including 3 orange trees, 3 banana trees, an assortment of seeds that were either JUST planted, or JUST sprouting (including a golden berry & a golden cucumber) that have all just... stopped. It says they are all still growing healthily.
    Some of the seeds had been planted in the last couple of days of spring & it is now day 8 of summer. All adult or almost adult plants from spring had already withered & had to be cut down, including a number of "re-fruiting plants (cucumbers, tomatoes, etc) that had been planted within the first 2-3 days of spring and only fruited once.
    No watering was skipped.
    3 more Banana trees were planted a couple of days after the first 3. These have started to sprout.

    (also having the "pet bowl being full but pet not eating issue like many others)
  2. DaveSparhawk

    DaveSparhawk New Member

    I have the same(or similar) issue; seeds and grown plants including trees have become stuck at a point in growth. not sure what caused it but other plants are growing ok.
  3. MoocowTG

    MoocowTG Developer Staff Member Staxel Developer

    I believe the farming code has lost track of those particular plants. Please try planting other crops right next to them, it may jog the farming code's memory of that area.

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  4. DaveSparhawk

    DaveSparhawk New Member

    I'm mostly sure my fruit trees have stopped fruiting and growing.
  5. JesterArke

    JesterArke New Member

    No luck. Still stuck in stasis. Also all my fruit trees have started locking up also in the early sapling stages even without season changes being involved.
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  6. DaveSparhawk

    DaveSparhawk New Member

    I have planted crops around the trees, has not started them growing again.

    The plants didn't die off with season change when in this state.

    Also, reloading save and restarting game have no effect.
  7. Ellie

    Ellie New Member

    I am so using that terminology at the first opportunity :)

    I also planted crops around the trees to no avail. I think maybe it's part of the bug that kills crops between seasons. Maybe? I spent a boatload of cash on dragonfruit trees and no more fruiting :( I'm waiting to see if my bushes keep producing this time around. If not, meh, there's a tonne of other crops to make petals from in the meantime.

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